With two decades of globe-spanning entrepreneurial experience and degrees in both business communications and business management, I am convinced that effective communications help hold a company to its chosen course – as long as it holds integrity its guidepost.

Having lived around the world the most of my life, I am quite comfortable in most any environment, but for work, the virtual world serves me best.

For the past 20+ years I have worked as a writer, editor, designer and business communications consultant. Since 1997 I’ve done this work virtually, often coordinating globe-spanning IT projects. From my base in the tropics, I coordinated writing teams in Guam, Hawaii, Pakistan, India, Russia, Thailand, Ireland, and the U.S. mainland.

In March of 2006, I established IQT2 Corporation, a business communications and training company. My business development services revolve mostly around project proposal development. In the communications realm, I provide services relating to public, investor, government and community relations; marketing communications; and, writing, editing and training.

I hold a masters degree in business communications and a bachelor of science degree in business management.

In my spare time (are you laughing yet?), I teach college level business communications courses covering:

Communication Processes | Information Products and Presentations | Information Strategies | Intercultural Business Communications | Essentials of Managerial Communication | Foundations of Interpersonal Communication | Foundations of Mass Communications | Information Sources | Overview and History of Mass Media | Introduction to Communication

All of this is accomplished working over the internet from the my well equipped, efficient home office.

I particularly enjoy getting to know and interact with new cultures. In fact, during our 10 years on Guam, I served as editor of the region’s first multi-lingual Micronesian language publication, The Arongarong.

After a few years in the multi-lingual realm, I stepped over and served as editor of Directions magazine, a 100-page full-color business publication. Quite a jump from doing it all to being able to focus entirely on editorial content. Having done my stint as a journalist, I returned to the world of entrepreneurship and teaching. After Guam, we spent 10 years in Kailua Kona, Hawaii where I continued my writing, editing and design work.

We left the tropics in 2008 to settle in the beautiful southeast corner of Arizona. The tropics were gorgeous, but the high desert has a beauty all its own. We love to just gaze at our surroundings.

Our ten years in Hawaii set a record for my life. It is the longest I have lived in one location in my entire life! I was born on the East Coast (North Carolina) and raised on the West Coast (the San Diego area). Once I hit adult life, I lived in California, Turkey, Nevada, Kansas, Guam and Hawaii, and have visited Japan and Spain. It has been a fascinating life full of stimulation, learning and growing.