There is only one thing I have to say for Jennifer, she gets things done!!!

I worked closely (24X7) with Jenn for over 15 months and across several oceans with her in Guam and me in India. She coordinated activities in five main locations-Pakistan, India, Thailand, Ireland and Guam-and was always on top of what was happening elsewhere.

Jennifer’s clear thought process, excellent communication skills and her never-say-die attitude are her great strengths.

Aruna Panangipally, Director, TASC Consulting Pvt Ltd, India

Jennifer is one of the most insightful and articulate people I have met in business. She possesses superior knowledge of marketing and communication, and I would not hesitate to go to her for business advice. She is easy to work with and soft in her approach to offering her insight into business communication and marketing.

Alan Brooks Bram, Broker-in-Charge, Don Watson Realty, LLC, Hawaii

Jennifer is able to plan, organize and implement programs assigned to her with excellence. She enthusiastically builds a network of partners to accomplish her goals. She is capable of accomplishing her objectives within the timeline and is a fabulous team player who has the drive to get things done well.

Debbie Odo, Director of Tobacco Control, American Lung Association of Hawaii

Jennifer is one of the most positive and easy going person I have ever met in my career. She has produced high quality deliverables under pressure situations and against tight deadlines. Jennifer has this uncanny ability to handle politically charged and diplomatic situations and thus it was always helpful to have her around in difficult projects. I wish her luck in her future endeavours.

Zubair Ahmad, Director of Consulting, Techlogix, Inc., Pakistan

Jen is an expert in all aspects of corporate communications from proposal writing, to sensitive corporate letters, to development of in-house newsletters, and more. I have found her to be consistent, of highest integrity, and extremely knowledgeable. I recommend her highly.

She was primarily responsible for preparing all communications for JMT including but not limited to, RFPs, Policies and Procedures, Recommendations, Business Communications using traditional methods and the Internet. Her writing skills and creativity are among the best I have ever seen. She has great stamina and remains calm in the face of impossible deadlines.

Tom Cruz, MD, Virtual Staff Services, Ireland

Jennifer Rush has an excellent management skill set. Her ability to work with others is seldom equaled and she is a positive motivator. While working with Jennifer, she never failed to complete her assignments both as a team member and as an individual. The quality of her product was excellent. I would hire her to work for me without reservation.

Don Watson, Owner, Don Watson Realty LLC, Hawaii

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Jennifer Rush. Jennifer has coordinated the drafting of a research paper on Kona Community Hospital by three MBA candidates, which took seven months to complete.

As one of the candidates, I can say that Jennifer’s work and patience greatly improved the paper and kept peace in our MBA group. The paper, which earned an “A”, was 154 pages in length with numerous charts, photos and footnotes.

James Lightner, Coordinator, Hospitality Training Institute, Hawaii Community College

Jennifer carefully watches and researches the goings on of all pertinent activity which might impact her strategic objective.

Sandra Jones, President / CEO, The Electric Company LTD., Hawaii

Jennifer is a very dear colleague. She has in fact been my mentor and guide. I have learned a lot about professionalism, technical writing, corporate communications, handling people, listening skills, and much more. Her work ethics are impeccable. Her professionalism is also unmatched. Above all, it has been a pleasure working and interacting with her.

Gurudutt Kamath, Technical Translator, Technical Translation Centre, India

I worked with Jennifer as a fellow student in the Master of Arts in Business Communications program at Jones International University. She was extremely bright, tenacious, and motivated. We worked on a particularly difficult project together and were able to get an outstanding grade on it due to her efforts. She is a very professional and experience business woman.

Layne Bradley, Applications Delivery Manager, Computer Sciences Corporation, Texas

Jen Rush and I met while we were pursuing our Master’s Degrees. She earned an MA in Business Communications and I ended up with an MBA in e-Commerce. While we did take different directions ultimately, we had much in common and worked well together. Jen “found” me on LinkedIn after we completed our degrees and moved on and I am so glad she did!

Jen is an innovative and dedicated worker! She has helped me understand opportunities and their potential because of the depth of her experience. She is technically savvy and knows how to get things done – even at a distance! Jen is diligent in her follow up and responsive. I am so pleased that we are in touch again and I look forward to a long and productive working relationship. I recommend Jen Rush highly!

Kim DeCoste, President, DeCoste & Associates, LLC, Colorado

I attended college with Jennifer and also worked on a business endeavor following our college time together. She is very efficient, reliable and trust worthy. I am blessed to know her and appreciated her knowledge and creativity when working on projects and business endeavors together. I am also proud to call her my friend. She is a gem!

Kelly Ann Wakayama, Zumba & Turbo-Kick Instructor/Personal Trainer, Five Mountain Fitness Center, Hawaii